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About Jacqui Jarosy.
I have over 30 yrs experience as a teacher and a therapist. I have trained in a wide range of therapies which have enabled me to walk along side those who are experiencing difficult symptoms and crises. These crises can come in physical, emotional, mental or relational form and can often feel frightening. In my wide experience I believe our bodies are telling us where we need help, where to pay attention so we can grow into greater wholeness and health.

Testimonial “Jacqui is so much more than just a fabulous yoga teacher, masseur and life-coach; she is an intuitive, honourable and loving human being who helps everyone reach their potential and love themselves just that little bit more.” Anna  PA 


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Welcome to my website. As human beings I feel we are complex and have many different aspects to who we are. My journey to understand this complexity has taken me into extensive trainings in a wide range of physical and 
psychological therapies. I have found each training has enlarged my understanding of this complexity. Over the 35 yrs years of my practice I have experience working with a wide range of psychological  and  relational issues as well as extensive types of physical symptoms and health problems. 
In my experience our body speaks it's mind and is always working towards balance and health. Pain and uncomfortable symptoms are difficult yet are, natural alarms to tell us to stop and pay attention. They are the way our wise body is trying to comunicate and show us where we need some help. We have been taught to be frightened of conflict or to ignore pain and difficulty as bad or cope with it on our own. To hope it goes away but often it just gets worse. There is another alternative to ignoring our difficult symptoms whether they are physical, emotional or mental. I offer experienced, professional help.  I respect the body and its diverse symptoms. You will be amazed with the right help how you can feel better, symptoms can ease, you can feel reconnected in your relationships to yourself and those around you. Difficulties can be a way we learn something new and be part of our ongoing journey to greater happiness and health.  If we are comfortable we tend to keep doing the same things. Pain and tension are a push to do something new, an opportunity to grow, learn something new and can enrich our understanding of ourselves and even lead to greater well being.
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The secret of change is not trying not to do something, but simply to practice doing something else until it becomes a new habit. The old habit will fall away from non-use. Sometimes the old habit will inevitably arise as we have practiced it so often, so be kind, keep your focus on the new habit. If we keep putting our attention on the thing we don't want to do we keep giving it energy and keep it before us.
We are creatures of habit which we create and can change - not through rigid ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ but by allowing our humanness and gentleness to our past habits that were appropriate at the time. Remember your body is always changing moment to moment and so change is a natural part of being alive.


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