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  'What does not come to our attention by choice comes as fate'. Carl Jung

I have over 30 years experience as a counsellor and relationship therapist.
I am also a body work therapst and offer massage and reflexology.
I teach yoga and well being classes and workshops.

My therapy room is based in Box near Bath.
If you would like to ring me for a chat about the ways I might be able to help feel free to ring me or email me.

Contact me on 07813 925159 if you would like to know more.

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Pain and symptoms are the way our bodies speak there minds and a reminder that we need to pay attention and attend to ourselves. In my many years of experience when one attends to our difficulty or  'symptom' there is the possibility for greater wisdom and with professional help it can be a path to greater health, happiness and well being.

The secret of change is not trying not to do something, but simply to practice doing something else until it becomes a new habit. The old habit will fall away from non-use. Sometimes the old habit will inevitably arise as we have practised it so often, so be kind, keep your focus on the new habit. If we keep putting our attention on the thing we don't want to do we keep giving it energy and keep it before us. 

We are creatures of habit which we create and can change - not through rigid ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ but by allowing our humanness and gentleness to our past habits that were appropriate at the time. Remember your body is always changing moment to moment and so change is a natural part of being alive.