About Jacqui

Jacqui began this work in 1977 while studying with a Zen teacher in meditation, yoga, bodywork and healing. From this work she began her own private practice in healing and body work. In the 1980's she qualified in massage and reflexology in London. She trained psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute in London, completing further training at Gestalt South West. When she was 27 she worked with an American meditation teacher deepening her practice of yoga, meditation and health.

In 1995 she began training with Marion Woodman, an Jungian analyst and well known author. This work connects the psyche and and the body, metaphor and creativity. This work is also based on how sleep restores the body dreams restore our psyche. Jacqui also uses dreams therapy in her work.

Over her many years of practise Jacqui has studied how what we eat has a huge impact on our health and well being. Also how our internal flora in our gut is where health or symptoms begin. She offers advice and help on these topics.
Jacqui went on to work with Hedi and Yumi Schleifer which changed the way she worked with couples. They teach a unique process which enables couples to connect to each other in a new way to make a new marriage to the same person. This work is based on the 'relational space' between a couple and teaches couples how to nourish this space, keep the space safe so that they can feel safe to talk about any area even conflict without fear, shame or blame.

Jacqui sees individual clients, families and couples at her private practice in Box and gives talks on health and relaxation to local groups and businesses. She also runs local yoga classes. Jacqui is married with two children.