Probiotics Are An Army Of Millions Aiding All Aspects Of Good Health

These are your body’s life savers and where your immune system, health or lack of health IS. Our belief is we need medications to stay healthy, but our body, if we follow simple guidelines of care and maintenance has a natural ability to keep itself maintained and in good health. Pain, tiredness & symptoms are our bodies good alarm. It tells us we need to STOP – get help - do something else. I have spent 30 yrs studying & teaching how you can listen and what your body might need to stay well. You can help your immune system stay well so your body stays healthy see above – we are what we eat. Alive food = alive body. Dead & badly combined foods = poor body. One of the most important supplements is probiotics. Your good or bad physically and mentally health depends on what bacteria are in your gut. Good bacteria keeps you healthy, fights colds, viruses, inflammations and cancer. They enable you to get the goodness or release what you don’t need from your food, plus so much more. They are the most important supplement you should take. Live yogurt is not powerful enough - if you don’t have at least 85% good bacteria in your gut then your body is vulnerable.

Why not try some and see for yourself. You can get some from me at less than shop prices. See more below. See if you notice any changes to your health/bowel. We think our gut is okay even if we have constipation or a loose stool, that it is normal but these are the warning signs for our whole immune system being compromised. The benefits are so huge for your well being why not give this a go. Contact me if you want any more info. You can get a 60 tablet bottle Cost from me £7.00 (shop price is £8. +) 12o tablets £15.00. £1.00 postage Guidelines For Taking Probiotics. N.B: Build up slowly. When you first start using a probiotic supplement, there is a chance that you will precipitate a die-off of bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. This can lead to gas, stomach rumblings, and cramping for up to three weeks. Don’t give up persist. The good guys are doing there work! One just after eating on full stomach (when your stomach is more alkaline) then build slowly to more - you can take up to 12 a day. Note changes in bowel, energy levels, other symptoms you normally have.

Do this for a few weeks or until your stool is regularly mid brown, banana shaped, floating, pleasurable. Problems signs for you health are any constipation or looseness - any discomfort with you digestion. Most symptoms start in your bowel. These are all signs of too many ‘bad’ bacteria - these cause many of our health problems and lead to more serious health problems. Even better open a capsule and sprinkle a little at a time into mouth and swill around mouth as this promotes healthy gums, good for sore throats, eases stomach problems and works all the way through the digestive tract. It tastes like dried milk – not unpleasant. N.B Chlorine in tap water kills good bacteria – very important to filter your water. Add ph drops to water even better - can be obtained from me. After this if symptoms clear e.g take 1-2 a day to maintain health. If at all loose or constipated or you don’t feel right than back to 2 – 12 a day. These are little life savers. Try some - give them to whole family and see changes. There is even powder for babies too which are great for digestive pain and keeping them well and healthy

Beneficial Bacteria: An army of Billions. When you are healthy, over 100 trillion microorganisms, from some 400 different species, flourish in your intestinal tract, aiding in digestion, absorption, and the production of significant amounts of B vitamins and enzymes. But more importantly, they crowd out all harmful bacteria -- allowing them no place to gain a foothold. e.g colds, viruses, cancer cells - your health is in your gut. Unfortunately, the levels of beneficial bacteria can decline dramatically. Some of the reasons for this decline include:
  • Disruptions and changes in the acid/alkaline balance of the bowels can play a major role in reducing the growth of beneficial bacteria. In addition, these changes tend to favor the growth of harmful viral and fungal organisms as well as putrefactive, disease-causing bacteria. 
  • We eat too much acid foods and are a product of great (untrue) marketing. We need only 20%-30% acid foods - 70%-80% alkaline. Slowly cut down on meats, dairy (use org. rice/almond/soya milk) white & processed foods. Close your eyes and think of your breakfast/lunch/dinners/snacks. How much is green and alive? See me for more info - lots of vegetables- 5 is not enough, build up slowly to 40% raw - love salads/wholes grains. 
  • Over time, the colonies of friendly bacteria just naturally age and lose their vitality.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Advil, Motrin, Midol, etc. are destructive to intestine
  • Chlorine in the drinking water not only serves to kill bacteria in the water; it is equally devastating to the colonies of beneficial bacteria living in the intestines. Filter water is more alkaline and gets rid of some of the harmful chlorine. Adding ph drops to your water is very helpful. 
  • Radiation and chemotherapy are devastating to your inner bacterial environment.
  • Virtually all meat and chicken and dairy that you eat (other than organic) is loaded with antibiotics, plus other chemicals which destroy ALL of the beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract.
  • A diet high in meats and fatty foods, because they take so long to break down in the human body, promotes the growth of the harmful, putrefying bacteria. This is not true of good fats
  • Constipation, of course, allows harmful bacteria to hang around longer, which allows them to proliferate.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, stress are also major culprits, forgetting to eat then eating anything are a problem
  • The pill, constant painkillers, constant medications are all detrimental to your internal flora 
  • And if you've ever been subjected to a round of "medicinal" antibiotics, you can kiss your beneficial bacteria good-bye. The problem is that antibiotics indiscriminately destroy both bad and GOOD bacteria -- allowing virulent, mutant strains of harmful microorganisms to emerge and run rampant inside the body. Antibiotics (both medicinal and in our food supply) are the #1 culprit in the overgrowth of HARMFUL pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract (a condition called dysbiosis) that may be at the root of many autoimmune disorders, certain cancers and bowel problems. 
The bottom line to strengthen your immume system. A properly functioning intestinal tract is one of your body's first lines of defense against invaders and a healthy immune system. In a healthy colon there are, on average, anywhere from 100 billion to 1,000 billion beneficial bacteria per milliliter (about 1/5 of a teaspoon) that literally consume harmful bacteria and other invaders. In the typical person with a poor diet and neglect of the colon, the beneficial bacteria count may be as low as 4 or 5 per milliliter. Just compare 1,000 billion to 4, and you'll have an understanding of the scope of the problem. Many researchers now believe that declining levels of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract may actually mark the onset of chronic degenerative disease and a suppressed immune system. 
The Benefits of a Healthy Intestinal Tract. The benefits of a probiotically optimized intestinal tract include:
  • Lowered cholesterol. Inhibition of cancer. Protection against food poisoning
  • Protection against stomach ulcers. Protection against lactose intolerance and casein intolerance
  • Enhanced immunity. Protection against many harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and inflammation disorders
  • Protection against candida overgrowth and vaginal yeast infections
  • Prevention and correction of constipation and diarrhea, ileitis and colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and a whole range of other digestive tract dysfunctions. Improvement in the health and appearance of the skin
  • Better nutrition from improved absorption and the internal generation of B vitamins.
  • Protection against vaginosis and yeast infections
  • Most of our symptoms start in the gut – taking probiotics has a huge impact on our general health
  • Heals skin disorders, inflammation, problems in joints and muscles, eases tiredness, depression, help gums 
  • Prevents colds, coughs, flu and viruses from taking hold of your body
Key to Good Health: Probiotics. Most of us do not have enough good bacteria in our gut and we have to many bad bacteria. If you want to be well and healthy this is the best supplement you can take. There can be no true health or recovery from disease unless you have colonies of over 100 trillion beneficial microorganisms flourishing in your intestinal tract, from your mouth to your anus, aiding in digestion, absorption, the production of significant amounts of vitamins and enzymes, and working to crowd out all harmful bacteria -- allowing them no place to gain a foothold. SUPPLEMENTATION WITH A GOOD PROBIOTIC IS MANDATORY TO RAISE YOUR BASELINE OF HEALTH AND STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.