25+ yrs experience. 
Therapeutic Massage. Including sports massage for back and joint pain. Pregnancy Massage. Treatment for stress and tiredness. Remedial exercises
Reflexology  - feet and hand massage including treatments for fertility, strokes, back problems, bowel and digestive disorders.
Reiki Healing for health and well being. May also include visualization for health
Often the above can be combined for individual needs

Gift Tokens. 

These can be for any amount from £20.00 upwards and the person can use them towards any of the above treatments classes or health products. They can be used at any time.

I come from the premise that our body speaks its mind. Over my many years of practise I have learned to respect symptoms as healthy reminders to pay attention as we are getting over tired or run down in some way and need to take more care of ourselves. The treatments below are a wonderful way of doing just that.

Prices & Concs for low incomes

1/2 hr = £35..00 - Conc. £30.00. 
3/4 hr = £40.00 - Conc. £35.00. 
1 hour = £52.00.  Conc. £40 - £45
1 1/4 hr = £65.00
1 1/2 hr = £75.00
Home visits. 1 treatment @ £65.00 per session 
48 hours cancellation needed otherwise full fee is charged

How to book a treatment

First ring me for a chat to see if my treatments can help you. We will discuss possible options

How I use and combine treatments

I may combine massage, reflexology and healing/reiki in a treatment.  I have been in this field for over 30 yrs so I bring a my many years of experience to the session.

A massage treatment will make you feel so relaxed, as if all the stresses which build up in your daily life have melted away. This leaves you restored to a feeling of lightness and well being. When you body feels this relaxation it is also wonderfully restorative both mentally and emotionally.

I have many years of experience with a wide range of symptoms including muscle and joint problems. The treatments can include deep tissue massage which is very soothing to tired, sore muscles. How deeply I work depends on the level which is comfortable for each person. I stay with what feels like a 'good pain' so you stay comfortable and relaxed. You will feel as if all your muscles are longer and looser.

I can give advice on appropriate stretches for joints and back pain.

I can suggest herbal treatments and dietary advice for symptoms such as bowel problems which are very common but have a devastating impact on our long term health. 
Some clients may also find it helpful to talk about areas of stress or worries which have an impact on their health and well being. We may consider new ways of thinking about symptoms and difficult situations.


This is a such a simple way of treating symptoms and is also wonderfully relaxing. All of your organs: body systems: and their health are 'mirrored' in your feet. Through gentle massage of these specific areas slugish areas in your body can be stimulated and overactive areas can be soothed back to balance. Research shows this is very helpful for fertility problems. I have had a lot of experience and success wirh helping clients who have found it hard to conceive. 

Reiki Healing

This is one of the most ancient forms of bringing the body back to health and balance. Symptoms happen on an energetic level first and then come into physical symptoms. Just like we have a blood and circulation system we also have have an energy system which often gets blocked and so causes illness in the body. In Reiki healing you keep your clothes on and hands are rested on different parts of the body bringing the energy systems back into balance. This is non intursive and very gentle yet profoundly relaxing and restorative.