Individual Counselling for adults, teens and children 

Couples Relationship Coaching & Counselling.

Family Counselling

I offer a confidential, supportive space to explore:
Relationships issues.
Panic attacks. Anxiety. Lack of confidence
Bereavement. Issues of loss and breakdown
How to work with dreams based on the work of Marion Woodman
Weight & Food Issues. Bulimia. Anorexia. Feeling over weight & unlovable. 
Stress related issues.
Life changes. Where do you want to be in your life ?
Identity issues. Who are you being? What is your authentic you?
Spirituality. How do you connect to what is meaningful for you?.
Addictions to drugs or alcohol.
Symptoms in the body as metaphors for healing. Explore how symptoms are unexpressed parts of ourselves that need attention

As sleep restores the body dreams are a message from our unconscious

Counselling testimonial

Without realising it my life was rather stagnant. Although I thought I was enjoying life to the full I was actually being held back by an inner hindrance/fears. Jacqui has helped me tremendously to understand my past and to let me see how issues that popped up in my current life were actually haunted by past traumas of a 5 year old. (I am now in my 40's!)

Without Jacqui's guidance and nurturing I would not be the blossoming flower as she now describes me and how my friends also see me. My life has changed. I'm so much more confident in myself, I know who I am and most importantly what I want.

Life feels so much more exciting to me now. I've had the confidence to change a quite significant thing in my life that has made a huge difference to me and would not have been something I would have done without this new me being in charge.

Thank you Jacqui for spotting the hurt child hiding inside of me and for letting the butterfly out of the chrysalis.

New found freedom Bath.
In the spirit of the mystery, the Mystery of Spirit
to live is to live as variously as possible,
to groom one's curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred,
climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sun-struck hills every day.
Where there is no risk, the emotional terrain is flat and unyielding,
and, despite all its dimensions, valleys, pinnacles, and detours,
life will seem to have none of its magnificent geography, only a length.
but what a savage and beautiful country lies in between 
Carl Jung 
'What does not come to consciousness by choice comes as fate'
Individual Therapy. £50.00/£45.00/£40.00 depending on income
Also Phone & Skype sessions
Couples  Counselling. £55.00 for 1hr.  Concessions - contact me
Family Counselling.  £55.00 for 1 hr.  Concessions - contact me
Working  with dreams.   Visualisations for healing
48 hours cancellation is needed otherwise the full fee is charged
It is very common at some point in our lives to have a time when we feel as if we hit a wall and we feel overwhelmed. It might have crept up on us slowly over time or seemed to have come from nowhere.  This may take the form of an illness, a loss of some kind, an affair, addiction, depression. It may be a feeling that you are not happy in some way. It can take many forms. We have often been taught we should cope, be strong, deal with it on our own. For these difficult times there is another option which is to get professional support. Imagine you have another person to walk with you on your journey in the difficult times, a person who is familiar with the terrain. In my many years of experience these times can also be an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves. I believe difficulties can also an opportunity for growth. This learning can be strengthening and empowering even though the difficulty can seem terrible even devastating.

If you would like to have a chat with me to explore the way I work and to see if we can work together. Please feel free to ring or email me.

I work both short and long term with individuals and couples. I have trained in Gestalt and Jungian therapy. I work from Box village which is 10 - 15 mins drive from Bath, Chippenham and Bradford on Avon.
Also see below for more on couples, family sessions and working with dreams

If you are would like to ring me for a talk about your issues and we both felt it was appropriate we could meet for an 50 min session to discuss if we could work together. We would then have 6 weekly sessions of 50 mins. After 6 sessions we review where we are and decide on furthur sessions as appropriate. I look forward to hearing from you.

I offer a safe and confidential space to learn to reconnect in a new way. I come from a premise where difficulty can also be an opportunity to grow and learn.

'The space between a couple is where the children grow up in, even if they are living separately.'

When we first meet someone we are more in touch with each others essence. We feel moved, touched and feel better about ourselves. We all started our relationships with some hope, love, joy or connection. Then we have 'the marriage' and over time we can loose that feeling of connection to the other person. 

The feelings between people fill the relational space between them. We can put feelings into the space with just a look. What feelings are in the space between you and your partner now? Over time what can be in the space are all the resentments, unspokens hurts, uncomfortable feelings, anger, fear, disappointment, even secrecy that have built up over time. If you have children this is the space your children are growing up in, even if you have separated.

Our grown ups forgot or didn't know how to really 'hear' or really 'see' each other or us. No one taught us about how to relate and understand each other when we have difficult feelings. Growing up we learn to use survival skills which we take into our relationships.

Often it feels as if it is impossible to change the space between a couple as even when we try you keep having the same problems and angry feelings. Imagine each of you learning to 'cross the bridge' to each of your worlds without judgment, with wide open eyes of 'look at you' as if you had just met. To have a space that feels safe - to talk where you are both heard. I can teach you both to learn a new ways of communicating. You can come with your partner or on your own.

One person can change a relationship and can change the 'space between you' if your parner or family member is not ready.

 You are not the same person you were when you married each other. Learn how to communicate to stay together and find a new marriage with the same person, this is called learning to 'cross the bridge'

If we care for someone we cannot expect not to hurt each other. This work explores hurt, angry or sad feelings together in a safe way. Our grief and joy are the same energy. If we swallow our grief we stop being able to fully feel our joy.
Our early family experiences and parenting impact on how we are in our own marriage.

Each of us creates and is responsible for our own relationships and the way they are. If we simply blame the other person they cannot hear what we are saying and we cannot hear them.

This work is about love, respect and self responsibility which empowers each person to express their needs and be heard.

It is important to take time to catch up with our relationships esp. with the person we live with. It is common to get lost in the everydayness of children, work and the demands of our often full lives and lose touch with the very person whom we are married too. You are not the person you were when you first met and neither is your partner. Often we find it is as if the person we are living with is very familiar and yet we can easily lose touch with each other. We can be married and still feel lonely as if something is missing. This often leads to a lack of fun, pleasure and intimacy. Maybe you could give more to your relationship and receive more. This counselling offers time to catch up with your relationship with no judgement or shaming. You can take time to remember why you choose each other in the first place and reconnect with a new marriage to the same person!


Our thinking often is creating our future as if we can't even imagine it it is not even a possibility. If appropriate I use images as metaphors for healing e.g for teaching people to be able to increase their feeling of relaxation. I may use the image of being in a beautiful meadow, with a wonderful safe sun pouring down. I often use images of wellness and joy to create healing in areas of the body which are in pain and so are normally associated with fear. For example, in issues with fertility I would use images of having a feeling of warmth and wellness connected to their womb. If appropriate I can help you to discover how a symptom feels e.g what shape, colour, image, temperature that part of their body is. From there we can discover what that part of you needs to feel well. People are often amazed how natural this is to do


I can also help clients to understand their dreams. Dreams are a metaphor or image which can show us where we are in our lives and can direct us to areas which are stuck in some way. Often in dreams we just have the first parts to this process; where we are and the conflict. Sometimes in a dream we will also get the end of a dream which is where the conflict resolves in some way or where the energy wants to go.