Couples Counselling. Marriage Counselling. Couples Coaching

Couples Counselling is £55.00 for 1hr. 1 hr 30 mins £80.00. Conc. available from £40.00 a session

See Youtube and search Hedy Schleifer to see her work on ' Crossing the Bridge'. My work with couple is based on her work.

I offer a safe and confidential space to learn to reconnect in a new way. To make a new marriage to THE SAME PERSON.

This work teaches you both to learn: conflict is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to grow: to learn your relationship lives lives in the space between you - this is the space where your children grow up in, even if you are living separately.

When we first meet someone we are more in touch with each others essence. We feel moved, touched and feel better about ourselves. We all started our relationships with some hope, love, joy or connection. Then we have 'the marrriage' and over time we can loose that feeling of connection to the other person.

The feelings between people fill the relational space between them. What feelings are in the space between you and your partner now? Over time what can be in the space are all the resentments, unspokens hurts, unomfortable feelings, anger, fear, disappointment, even secrecy that have built up over time. If you have children this is the space your childern are growing up in, even if you have separated.

Our grown ups forgot or didn't know how to really 'hear' or really 'see' each other or us. No one taught us about how to relate and understand each other when we have difficult feelings. Growing up we learn to use survival skills which we take into our relatiinships. Often it feels as if it is impossible to change the space between you as even when you try you keep having the same problems and angry feelings.

Imagine each of you learning to 'cross the bridge' to each of your worlds without judgment, with wide open eyes of 'look at you' as if you had just met. To have a space that feels safe - to talk where you are both heard. I can teach you both to learn a new ways of communicating. You can come with your partner or on your own. One person can change a relationship and can change the 'space between you' if your parner or family member is not ready.

You are not the same person you were when you married each other. Learn how to comunicate to stay together and find a new marriage with the same person.

If we care for someone we cannot expect not to hurt each other. This work explores hurt, angry or sad feelings together in a safe way. Our grief and joy are the same energy. If we swallow our grief we stop being able to fully feel our joy.
Our early family experiences and parenting impact on how we are in our own marriage.

Each of us creates and is responsible for our own relationships and the way they are. If we simply blame the other person they cannot hear what we are saying and we cannot hear them.

This work is about love, respect and self responsiblity which empowers each person to express their needs and be heard.

It is important to take time to catch up with our relationships esp. with the person we live with. It is common to get lost in the everydayness of children, work and the demands of our often full lives and lose touch with the very person whom we are married too. You are not the person you were when you first met and neither is your partner. Often we find it is as if the person we are living with is very familiar and yet we can lose touch with each other. We can be married and still feel lonely as if something is missing. This often leads to a lack of fun, pleasure and intimacy. Maybe you could give more to your relationship and receive more. This counselling offers time to catch up with your marriage. You can take time to remember why you choose each other in the first place and reconnect with a new marriage to the same person!

Couples Counselling is £45.00. (Conc. £40 )