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Contact me re advice which supplements should you be taking. I can get any supplements you need 10- 15% less than in the shops

The 3 most essential supplements for good health are:

1. Acidophilus. 
2. V2000 (
3. Fish oils
See more below

SKIPING ROPES £6.75. Quick fitness. slowly build by doing short bursts every day. Cleanses/strengthens


Thickness.  3 1/2mm Cost. 17.00 Colours. Pink.  Purple.  Mid Blue. Mauve
Thickness. 4.00mm. Cost. £22.00 Colours. Sky &  Storm - white and blue

Beautiful Delux Oils. 

What you put on your body goes straight into your blood. These oils are wonderful to keep your skin soft and smooth. Using them after a bath or shower or 1st thing in the morning is a wonderful way of taking care of yourself, giving you body time. Rubbing these oils into your body is so relaxing and invigorating. 

These can be used as a:
  • Face moisturiser.
  • Make up remover
  • Body moisturiser
  • Dry, chapped or gardening hand moisturising rub.
  • Foot & hand massage oil
  • Sore joints massage oil
  • Shaving oil or after shaving oil
BASE FOR  OILS BELOW is organic Sunflower oil. Almond oil. Olive oil. Evening primrose oil. Coconut oil. Calendula oil. Arnica oil. Sea buckthorn oil. 

Lavender, Rosemary + Arnica. Blue bottle a)100ml £5.90.   b) 250ml £13.50.
Ease aching & muscles joints. Great for rubbing into feet & hands to work reflexolgy points: ease sore tired muscles & to rub into broken dry skin.

Lavender. Blue bottle a)100ml £5.90.  b) 250ml £13.50
Whole body, face, feet and hands. Also good for men to use on their body and face after shaving or as a shaving oil.

Geranium & Lavender. Blue bottle a)100ml £5.90. b) 250ml £13.50
Whole body, face, feet and hands. This has a lovely smell and makes your body feel delicious.

Rose, Geranium & Lavender. a)100ml £6.90. b)250ml £15.50
Whole body, face, feet and hands. This has a lovely smell and makes your body feel delightful.

 How to use as a face moisturiser. Rub a small amount into your palms & rub together. Massage gently into face. Tab around eye sockets and all over face with tips of the fingers and then with fronts of fingers until your face feels tingley and alive. Every point in your face relates to all the organs of your body. Tab around gums and teeth. Genlty rub off excess with dry unconditioned hand towel or flannel. Best in the mornings. Only put on at night if your skin feels dry.

How to use as a body moisturiser. After a shower once or twice a day depending on how dry your skin is. Rub a small amount into your palms. Start at feet & rub head to toes including use as a face moisturiser. Rub well into skin – tab all over skin – finish by rubbing off with small towel head to toe (no conditioner) so skin is buffed up - pink - great for healthy skin – great for circulation – helps you arrive into your whole body- skin tingling heaven !! Leave skin fee of anything in eve now and then. If skin is still dry eat Ig handful of org. pumpkins + sunflowers + almonds everyday – you need more Omega 6. Maybe do this anyway as it is so good for you.

To use as a make up-remover. Wash face with one of my wonderful facial washes. Put a small amount of oil on 2 pads of cotton wool. Genlty remove excess oil from the face with one side of pad. Turn over and repeat untill the cotton pad is clean. Rinse face with warm water and gently massage dry with towel.

To use as a shaving oil. Rub a small amount into your palms & rub together. Massage gently into the area you are shaving. Rinse off with warm water and towel dry.

To use as an aftershave oil. Rub a small amount into your palms and massage into areas you after shaving and rub excess off with a towel.

RELAXATION CD £11.95 now £9.95 WIND DOWN & IMPROVE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR HEALTH includes 3 x 20 minute meditations on learning to relax - aids good health, wellbeing, restful sleep, 
de - stressnand eases pain.

Comments about the CD
“I have tried many relaxation CD’s and I have found this one of the best I have used.”
“ It really helped me learn to relax and eased                                                                                                   
"It really helps me go back to sleep"

Nutritional Supplements.

Email me - free advice - what supplements should you be taking?
3 most important upplemants to take for good health are V2000 – Acidophilus - fish oil.

For constipation & loose bowel: It is very important to sort this problem out as your health and immune system starts here!

A) Multiple fibre tablets £11.50. Take 1 - 6 a day on empty stomach with large glass of water. These are fantastic for relieving - regulating - cleansing the bowel if constipated or loose take the up to 6 a day (3 x 2). Very important to relieve the symptom asap - these are fantastic. Start with one build up slowly
Or Psyllium Seed husk powder £7.50 Take a spoon mixed with water/fruit juice to regulate/cleanse bowel.

B) Acidophilus 60 - £7.50/ 120 - £14.50/ or powder for babies /children £14.50. These are good bacteria will builds up over time. Take on full stomach. Build up slowly I – 12 a day if bowel has any problems. I or 2 a day if well. ALSO Great if to take mor eif you are ill or have flu or colds

Multi Vitamin and Mineral: V2000. 60 tabs – £15.00 90 tabs - £22 00. Balanced, easy absorbed. One a day with food
Norwegian Fish Oils - I a day. 100 tabs - £4.50. 250 tabs- £8.80 Very important for your Omega 3 and brain function.

Omega 3 tablets Essential for brain and fights inflammation
Calcium Magnesium Citrate. 50 - £6.00. 100 – £11.00. Protects bones.

Valerian Root - 60 tabs- £9.00. 1 – 2 - 45 mins before bed – for restful sleep.

Rodiola Root Extract – 60 - £15.00 Works like St Johns Wart but better - great for stress, depression, Memory, brain function. Improves sleep patterns. 1 – 2 mornings/lunch.

Milk Thistle £14.00. Helps clean, strengthen the liver, de-tox esp. to clear out toxins - drugs - alcohol.

Natural products for your body and hair with essential oils for skin & hair for men and women.
Your skin is absorbent - what you put on your skin goes straight into your blood, 90 seconds to your brain!
Try my natural products with essential oils

Exfoliate Face Cream - Rose. Cream of Youth. 100ml £9.90. Suitable 4 All skins types – for silky skin - lift & rejuvenate. Incl. Ground Almonds - Olive Kernels combined with White Tea and Apricots - Monoi de Tahiti. 

Exfoliate Face Cream - Lavender & Geranium. 100ml. £6.90. Suitable 4: Normal - Combination skin - spot prone skin. Balancing Facial Scrub Polish.– Ground Almonds - Olive Kernels.

Face wash - Lavender & Geranium. £5.90. 100ml. Suitable 4: Normal to combination skin. Excellent skin conditioning - helps increase the skins secretions when the skin is to dry - lowers the skins secretions when oily, allowing naturally balanced skin complexion. Also use to get face makeup off.

Cream Cleanser - Organic English Lavender, Chamomile & Sea Buckthorn. £7.90. 125ml. Suitable 4: All skin types. Gentle – repairing. 4 soft, luscious, vibrant, healthy skin. Natural phytosterols in sea buckthorn stimulate the natural skin repair process.

Cream Cleanser - Rose, Geranium, Rosehip. £6. 90. 125ml Suitable 4: dry, damaged, reddened skin. Calming and smoothing Rose. Organic Bourbon Geranium regulates the natural oils aiding a healthy looking complexion.

Aftershave balm. Lavender £4.00. 100ml Suitable 4: sooth skin after shaving. A gently formulated aftershave Balm, perfect for use on male skin. Plain or with lavender - wonderful for sensitive skin.

Normal Hair Shampoo. Lavender & Geranium £6.90. 200m. lInfused with Lavender & Geranium. Lively but gentle on your hair and scalp. Low foaming. Aids healthy scalp function.

Oily hair Shampoo Orange. Ginger. Clary Sage. £5.90. 220ml. Sicillian Orange is zesty, uplifting & encourages healthy hair. Indian Ginger helps to stabilises & regulate. Clary Sage balances oil secretions.

All hair types. Shampoo Carshalton Org. Lavender. £6.90. 250ml. Sensitive skin. Strengthens hair. Jojoba is a rich and nourishing oil, protects, aids glossy full hair. Natural SPF which helps protect your scalp during the day when you are out in the sun, combined with the soothing nature of Lavender.

Normal Hair. Hair Conditioner. Organic Lavender and Bourbon Geranium. 200ml £5.90. Suitable 4. Keep your hair in perfect condition with this rich blend of English. Our Lavender & Geranium hair nourishing conditioner is beautifully fragrant, removing build up and maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Dry, coloured, lifeless Hair. Hair Conditioner. £5.90 200ml. Seville Orange, Brazillian Rosewood and Spanish Wild Carrot Seed with Rich Almond Leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny and manageable.

Soap Hand wash Mountain Meadows – 250ml £5.90 Soap made the old-fashioned way without chemicals or animals fats. Great for dry skin. Excellent during winter months with central heating and the cold outdoors... bourbon geranium and seville orange blended naturally to reassure and comfort.


Simple Relaxations for meditation, health and wellbeing. 
Track 1. Introduction. 3.22 min
Track 2. Beautiful breath. 24.00 min,
Track 3. Delicious Bones and Muscles. 23.00min.
Track 4. The Meadow. 21.00

This cd consists of my talking you through diffirent meditations which teach you to learn to relax your whole body, the healing use of breath and imagery for health.

Benefits of using this cd
These relaxations are easy and simple to do and make you feel better!

Experience feeling layers of tension melting away.

Afterwards you will feel as if you have had a long rest.

You can learn to stay calmer during the daily stresses of your day.

It teaches you tension is something you are doing with your muscles and it is not just happening to you.

You will feel more control over feeling stressed, stiff and tired.

It will aid healthy sleep.

Less stress helps your body function more efficiently and heals everyday sypmtoms.

You will feel healthier and more alive.

Symptoms are not random. Most symptoms happen because of too much tension and not enough circulation in that area of your body. Through listening to these relaxations your body can learn to relax. This helps your circulation improve and releases the tension and so helps heal your sypmtoms.

Learning to relax keeps you healthier for your future as it prevents symptoms from developing.
You will have more energy and feel less tired.

COST: £11.95. Sale now £9.95. Order now and I can post it to you. Please ring or email me with your address and your post code. The postage is £0.70 if you would like it to be posted in England or £1.80 if you would like it to be posted abroad.If you would like 3 copies or more postage is free.

You may also pick one up before or after a yoga class in Bradford on Avon, Bath, Box, Corsham or from my home in Box Village.Please ring first.

You may also think of one as a present for a family member or a friend


Most of us do not know how to really relax. This cd will teach you how to relax, which will benefit every aspect of your life and health. Tension is exhausting and is often the cause of ill health.
We are not just our mind and our thinking we are also our body and our body is us. In my experience we have layers of tension which build up over our life time, but we are mostly unaware of this tension unless we have pain or stiffness. Your pain and tension are your bodies alarm, which tells you 'this is where you are holding'. This tension runs through your whole body. We often do not know how to allow ourselves to let our tension relax. Over the years I have developed techniques to teach my clients and students to learn to deeply relax down into their body. This cd will teach you very simple ways you can relax these layers of tension.